Cleansing The Body Inside Out

Detoxification has been a lengthy discussion ever since. Whether to detox or not, is up to you.

Even though you are ‘healthy’ this does not mean that you don’t need to detox. Sure our body does this on a continual basis, our kidneys and livers are constantly working by cleaning out all the pollutants (smoke, caffeine, chemical-based products etc) in our body. Detox strengthen our organs back to optimal function.

Basically, this is done through fasting, therefore resting the organs and stimulating the liver by pushing away the toxins from the body. Nourishing the body with healthy nutrients is also done to maintain optimum health. It has been practiced for centuries around the world by different cultures.

Although a lot of people want whole body detoxification, some wants to have a detox on a particular organ only, such as the kidney, liver or colon. During kidney cleansing, herbal supplements and juices are used to dissolve and wash out kidney stones; particular foods are consumed in liver cleansing causing the gall bladder and liver to remove fatty deposits and toxins out of the body. Colon cleansing on the other hand, gently flushes the colon with water providing a pathway for the release of toxins.

There are also techniques used in whole body cleansing such as:

Fasting. Water or juice fasting is applied for a period of time to lessen toxic loads in the body causing the body to heal itself and nourish inside out.

Parasite cleaning. Right amount of pills or tinctures made out of bitter herbs are consumed to build an unreceptive environment for the parasites inside the body.

Contrast Shower. The contrast among hot and cold water enhances circulation, helps in detoxifying thus having a stronger immune system. This also helps by bringing oxygen, nutrients and immune cells towards damaged and stressed tissue and flushes metabolic waste and other toxins.

Sauna, yoga, exercise, raw food dieting and dry skin brushing also enhance the body’s natural cleansing process.

Other Detoxifying aids

There are a number of safe products that helps in the cleansing process such as cleansing supplement packages (with easy-to-follow instructions), detox foot patches, commercially prepared detox teas, Epsom salts, high-class multivitamins for daily intake and antioxidants like Q10 and E that can be found at health food stores.

Before and after side effects:

As the procedures differ, so do the benefits.

During the detox, you’ll most likely feel the side effects that take place during the first few days such as headaches, feeling weak, sore muscles, cranky moods and unable to sleep soundly.

There are also a number of positive side effects days after the cleansing process. You will feel energetic, mental clarity improved, skin is clearer, improved sleep, and have a positive attitude in life for a fresh start.

Detoxification is safe and beneficial for our health. It is suggested that each one should at least have a short detoxification program yearly. However, children, nursing mothers, and patients with cancer, chronic degenerative illness and tuberculosis should consult their physician first for approval and supervision or find someone who is familiar with detox.

If you decide to award your body with holiday, find a nutritional therapist who is familiar with detox.

Here’s how:

You can call your friends who are into health foods and alternative medicines, ask them for a person who they can refer. Another way is to search in the yellow pages under nutrition or by looking for ads in health publication in your locality. Get the name of someone you found whose name appears in more than one place and check for his profile, like from which school he/she attended the training and if it’s an accredited one. Also ask how long he’s been in practice.

Detox Home Kit: Easier Way of Improving Your Body

There are plenty of detox products in the market today. These kits are also available for home use which consists of diet plans having supplementary pills and tonics, or herbal pills that contain herbs good for different body organs.

However, you should be aware that detox products have no scientific evidences that it really works. Even the product’s manufacturers cannot give proof of any test compliance. Only the glowing consumer’s testimonials are supporting the product’s effectiveness. So make sure that the detox home kit you will choose is compatible to your needs.

These kits are important in clearing your body from accumulated toxins to free you from excessive burdens. It allows your immune system to regain energy so that it could function better. Although cleansing and fasting can help, detoxification is a much better way of removing toxins from your body. However, it is a continued process where it supports the natural ability of your body to dispel toxins effectively. Limiting unwanted toxins from entering your body is also a part of detoxification process.

Remember, the toxins build up in your body for over a long period of time can often cause degenerative diseases. Like emotional traumas that are buried for many years that can later on surface in your midlife. In this manner, you need to examine any changes from your learned behavior as well as physical symptoms so that proper care must be given. Ignoring such changes which is requiring your attention can lead to your own peril. Denying pain can inevitably lead to a more profound pain. Unexamined fears can eventually assume a monstrous proportion. Clinging to your habits which does not support life and growth can bind you to stagnation and even death.

The exposure to too much toxins sometimes cannot be prevented in today’s environment. More often, your body can have difficulty in getting rid of these toxins. This problem are now solved since detox home kits are widely available helpful in regaining your body’s natural balance. These enable you to rejuvenate and cleanse your body.

Detox home kits products are not anymore considered as supplies for more legitimate needs than for the sake of vanity. People who are purchasing these stuff should never feel guilty about it. It is not bad to use these products for reviving your energy so that your body could feel much better.

Detox home kits are available in wide varieties. It is made up of selected herbs and organic ingredients having purifying and cleansing properties. Take for instance, you belong to the category of habitual drinkers then you should choose detoxification home kit products specifically for eliminating alcohol traces in your immune system. However, you need to avoid drinking alcohol after your detoxification. You need to understand that detoxification products are not just for cleansing your body but also for teaching you in disciplining yourself.

There are also detox home kits that are ideal for reducing stretch marks, re-toning loose skins, soothing eczema and psoriasis, and building cellulites.

Detox home kit products are developed to remove toxic substances from your body giving it a more balanced outlook. Just make sure that you check it thoroughly by reading consumer’s reviews and forums to get the right one for you. After all you are investing your money and health on it.

Why Finish Your Detox With A Salt Water Cleanse

As you near the end of your detox diet, top it off with a complete and immediate flush such as the salt water cleanse. Also known as the salt water flush, this process is great for clearing out your digestive tract after your cleansing program. It’s important that you keep in mind that the salt water cleanse is not for use as a detox, if your desire a more thorough detoxification regimen try either the lemon juice detox the raw food diet, the salt water cleanse process is only intended to give your digestive tract a final cleansing before you return to your usual diet.

In order to complete this cleanse you’ll need 1 quart of water boiled or distilled and 1-1/2 teaspoons of sea salt. Natural store bought sea salt is better and if you can find natural freshly ground sea salt in your health food store that would be best. However under no circumstances will regular table iodized salt do. The refining process alters the molecular weight of the salt rendering it no good for this purpose.

As you know, if you were stranded on a boat in the ocean you could die of dehydration. This is because the weight of sea salt water is the same as your blood therefore your body does not recognize it. This is the same premise working with this flush, this saltwater mixture is as indigestible as ocean water and your body will expel it within 2 hours like an internal enema.

To prepare your cleanse: with your water at room temperature, add the salt and mix until the salt is completely dissolved and chug. As difficult as it may be, it’s important to finish as much of the liquid you can in one sitting. If you’re having trouble getting it all down within 20 minutes you may want to decrease the amount of salt to 1 teaspoon.

Because the salt water cleanse is similar to an internal enema, you must have immediate and regular access to the bathroom. Everyone is different but the mixture can travel through your digestive tract in as little as 45 minutes so be ready. Also keep in mind that when this flush evacuates your colon it will be accompanied by everything you’ve eaten for the past couple of days, this is another reason why the salt water cleanse should only be used following a detox diet. It would become quite painful to your stomach and senses to attempt this level of intestinal flush on a system filled with regular food.

As with any water cleansing program, results will from person to person. Some people can finish their bowel cleaning in a couple of hours others may take a little longer especially the first couple of tries. One thing that is common among all who try this is that there is quite a bit of additional energy and a great appetite.

The Healing Wonders Of Coffee Enemas As Health And Wellness Regimen

Most people cannot help but scoff at the idea of taking a coffee enema in Australia , but it is only because they do not realise its’ advantages. Such a practice has endured throughout the decades (which is why you are probably hearing about it the first time) and not without good reason. For one thing, coffee enemas offer excellent detoxing results that include discomfort relief and colon cleaning healing benefits.

So what are the benefits of enemas?

We are all familiar with the health advantages of coffee when taken in as a drink. However, did you know that it is more useful when taken in the form of an enema?

During a coffee enema, users have to retain the caffeinated liquid in the colon for 15 minutes before it can be expelled together with accumulated wastes. Coffee streams from the container and goes through a long tube inserted into the rectum. With the help of gravity and pressure, the coffee then streams directly into the colon. Fifteen minutes is the typical time needed for the coffee to provide its revitalising results on the liver, gallbladder, and colon. During the waiting time previous to expulsion, users will experience pain relief. Also, the impacted fecal material in the colon slowly relaxes until it turns to a soft consistency.

A coffee enema is more than just liver detoxing. In essence, it is a fundamental nutrition balancing procedure that the body needs to develop optimum health once again. With routine coffee enemas, patients are guaranteed to reap the following benefits:

  • Extensive cleaning of the colon — considering that coffee enemas provide shallow cleaning, just the distal part or the coming down colon experience detox. A colonic is needed if you desire cleaning of the entire length of the intestinal tract.

  • Helps in restoring the detoxing function of the liver

  • Reduces the threat of parasitic and bacterial invasion

  • Offers significant reduction in the body’s general toxicity levels. Given that toxicity is the origin of many conditions and illnesses, coffee enemas are suggested to individuals experiencing chronic and incapacitating conditions.

  • Improve mental and emotional health as evinced by improved state of mind and increased energy levels.

  • Decreased anxiety or anxiety is a characteristic of the positive results of an enema on the mind.

  • Improved psychological clearness and increased levels of joy

  • Reduced appetite and lowered incidence of appetite pangs

  • Speeding up of the recovery process for cancer clients and those experiencing injuries