The Common Traits of Codependency

There may be a few or several things that you identify with. Be honest and rate yourself from 1-5 if you identify.
1. I use things/people/ externally to feel good about myself internally
2. Difficulty identifying feelings accurately: Angry, lonely, scared, sad
3. Difficulty letting go of the past (unforgiveness, resentments, sadness)
4. I blame others behaviors for how I feel
5. Difficulty setting boundaries for myself
6. I take things personally and it affects my day
7. Difficulty forming or maintaining personal relationships
8. People either control me, or I control others
9. I question if my needs are important in relationships
10. Need approval from others to be OK
11. Difficulty dealing with conflict. Afraid to tell others what you really think and want
12. Have anxiety and fear a lot of the time
13. Have feelings of “not good enough” or shame often
14. Put others needs before my own. Rescue others at times
15. Have trouble having fun and enjoying life
16. Stay stuck in unhealthy relationships
17. Not owning your own power/give my power over to others
18. Use food to comfort myself and stuff emotions
19. Tend to have a lot of drama in my life with my relationships
20. Put others needs and wants before your own to please others
21. Fear being rejected and abandoned by others/trust issues

If a few or more of these sound like you, get in touch with me to learn how I can help you free yourself of these self-sabotaging habits and heal yourself from the Inside Out!