Why Finish Your Detox With A Salt Water Cleanse

As you near the end of your detox diet, top it off with a complete and immediate flush such as the salt water cleanse. Also known as the salt water flush, this process is great for clearing out your digestive tract after your cleansing program. It’s important that you keep in mind that the salt water cleanse is not for use as a detox, if your desire a more thorough detoxification regimen try either the lemon juice detox the raw food diet, the salt water cleanse process is only intended to give your digestive tract a final cleansing before you return to your usual diet.

In order to complete this cleanse you’ll need 1 quart of water boiled or distilled and 1-1/2 teaspoons of sea salt. Natural store bought sea salt is better and if you can find natural freshly ground sea salt in your health food store that would be best. However under no circumstances will regular table iodized salt do. The refining process alters the molecular weight of the salt rendering it no good for this purpose.

As you know, if you were stranded on a boat in the ocean you could die of dehydration. This is because the weight of sea salt water is the same as your blood therefore your body does not recognize it. This is the same premise working with this flush, this saltwater mixture is as indigestible as ocean water and your body will expel it within 2 hours like an internal enema.

To prepare your cleanse: with your water at room temperature, add the salt and mix until the salt is completely dissolved and chug. As difficult as it may be, it’s important to finish as much of the liquid you can in one sitting. If you’re having trouble getting it all down within 20 minutes you may want to decrease the amount of salt to 1 teaspoon.

Because the salt water cleanse is similar to an internal enema, you must have immediate and regular access to the bathroom. Everyone is different but the mixture can travel through your digestive tract in as little as 45 minutes so be ready. Also keep in mind that when this flush evacuates your colon it will be accompanied by everything you’ve eaten for the past couple of days, this is another reason why the salt water cleanse should only be used following a detox diet. It would become quite painful to your stomach and senses to attempt this level of intestinal flush on a system filled with regular food.

As with any water cleansing program, results will from person to person. Some people can finish their bowel cleaning in a couple of hours others may take a little longer especially the first couple of tries. One thing that is common among all who try this is that there is quite a bit of additional energy and a great appetite.

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